Unsubsidized Housing

Fellowship Housing owns several buildings intended primarily for low-income people with mental illness. We welcome Housing Choice vouchers in our unsubsidized units. The application and screening process is similar to that of our subsidized housing options. (See eligibility requirements) 

Tenants may be eligible to receive Outreach Services from our staff members to assist them in maintaining their skills for living in the community while managing their illness.

Tenants in unsubsidized housing are:


Fellowship Apartments - South State Street

South State Street - 106 South State St.

Opened: July 2002 
Total Units: 8 
Efficiency Units: 1 
One Bedroom Units: 7 
Handicap Accessible Units: 1 
Total Bedrooms: 8
Capacity: 8

Fellowship Housing Office and Apartments

Pleasant Street Project - 2 N. State St.

Opened: April 2007 
Total Units: 9 
One Bedroom Units: 7
Two Bedroom Units: 2
Handicap Accessible Units: 1
Total Bedrooms: 11
Capacity: 11

Fellowship Housing Apartments - Jackson Street

Jackson Street Project - 10 Jackson St.

Re-Opened: December 2013 
Total Units: 5 
One Bedroom Units: 5 
Handicap Accessible Units: 2 
Total Bedrooms: 5 
Capacity: 5