Overview of our requirements

Our residents are typically referred to us by Riverbend - the local community mental health center – through a partnership called the RiverShip Alliance.  Together, we integrate our systems of care to provide the best support for an individual’s needs, while ensuring the most effective use of our housing resources.


Monthly rental payments are the responsibility of each Fellowship Housing resident. Living costs such as rent, utility charges, and any shared expenses are reviewed during the application process. Please see the sections on subsidized and unsubsidized housing for more information.

Applicants with Housing Choice vouchers who are disabled by mental illness are welcome to apply for Fellowship Housing units.

pdf icon Download Rivership Alliance Application

Eligibility Screening

Federal funding requires Fellowship Housing to screen individuals for eligibility to become a resident in one of our properties. Screening includes:

  • Income Verification
  • Verification of Disability
  • Criminal Background Check
  • Landlord Reference Check
  • Student Status Check
  • Region of Origin
  • Proof of US Citizenship

Additionally, screening involves a determination by Fellowship Housing staff regarding:

  • Level of care required
  • Ability to attend to activities of daily living
  • Ability to be good neighbors, citizens and renters
  • Ability to manage the symptoms of mental illness

In the screening process, efforts will be made to address the changing needs of people presently in housing programs prior to admitting new candidates. 

Questions About Our Housing Options or Programs?

Contact us at 603-225-1767 or use the form below.