Outreach Services

outreach services

Fellowship Housing contracts with the local community mental health center to provide medically necessary services to clients living independently in the community. Our staff members provide support in completing everyday tasks in natural community environments, helping to reinforce and enhance the client’s ability to successfully manage the symptoms of mental illness and achieve their personal treatment goals. The intent is to help the client avoid hospitalization and gain confidence throughout their recovery.

Clients in need of these services are identified by their treatment team. Regular communication between Fellowship Housing and the treatment team at the community mental health center allows both organizations to best serve the client and address emerging issues.


Therapeutic Behavioral Services

are specific and individualized interventions whose primary objective is to develop, reinforce and apply skills and strategies to reduce symptoms and behaviors that impede an individual’s ability to function (He-M 426).  This service allows a client to increase self-management skills and improve Activities of Daily Living.




Ed Austin, Program Services Director