FHO Executive Search

Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Inc. is seeking a new Executive Director to join the organization in June of 2016. 

The Organization:

Established fifty years ago, the original Fellowship House has evolved into a continuum of housing and services to help consumers experiencing chronic mental illness achieve their recovery goals and function as responsible tenants, neighbors, and citizens.    


Three primary sources of revenue comprise our annual operating budget of approximately $1.3 Million:  tenant rents; HUD subsidies, and an annual contract with a local mental health center to deliver behavioral health services.  FHO employs 22 people in three departments:  administration, direct care, and maintenance.

Housing Choices:

Options include three project–based subsidized HUD Section 811 projects (including the first 811 project developed in the US); and three non-subsidized buildings accepting Housing Choice Vouchers.  In FY 2015, FHO housed 76 individuals with an occupancy rate of 92%. Fellowship House is a certified community residence providing 24-hour staffing for 12 residents in a highly individualized and transitional program.

Services Offered:

Recognizing that some of our tenants as well as others in the community need on-going support with understanding and adhering to the basic expectations of a rental relationship (apartment upkeep, roommate relations, bill paying), Fellowship Housing administers an Outreach Program.  As an “interested landlord,” FHO contracts with the local mental health center to provide services based on each individual’s treatment plan. 

Established in 2000, the Outreach Program provided nearly 20,000 interventions to 93 individuals during FY 2015.


Job Description:  Executive Director

The Executive Director at Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Inc., is employed by and reports to the Board of Trustees.  The Executive Director is responsible for financial and risk management, compliance with pertinent laws and rules as well as leading and managing the Agency’s 20+ personnel.  Responsibilities include:

Establish Agency Direction


Manage the Organization

General Responsibilities




Application Instructions:


To express interest in applying for employment, please send a cover letter, current resume, and compensation expected to:   fellowshiphousingopportunities@gmail.com


No Phone Calls, Please.


Fellowship Housing is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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