A Note from Page Cannon

As some of you may already know, our Executive Director of over 30 years, Page Cannon, is retiring in June of 2016.  She has been our guiding light and fearless leader for over three decades, and has been instrumental in helping Fellowship Housing Opportunities grow from a single residential living facility in 1984 to a leader in affordable housing for people in the Greater Concord area living with mental illness. Here is a letter from Page, expressing in her own words what being a part of Fellowship Housing Opportunities, Inc. has meant to her:


                                                                        October 23, 2015


Last March, I began my 31st year as the Executive Director of Fellowship Housing.  It struck me that not only is that a significant tenure, but also half of my life!  I have loved my work from the early days of starting up Fellowship House to operating an array of housing and services that address the needs of people living with persistent mental illness in our community.  My greatest joy has been working alongside talented board and community leaders, dedicated staff and colleagues, and the courageous people who receive our services.


In June of 2016 it is my intention to retire from my position within the organization.  The Board of Trustees has been working for several months to plan for this change and prepare the organization for the next phase of sustained success.  There will be challenges and, as always, our efforts will be focused on meeting our mission.


Fellowship Housing is a strong, adaptive entity that has deftly balanced its responsibilities over time.  The coming year marks the 50th anniversary of the founding of Fellowship Housing (previously Opportunity House, Inc.).  As this leadership transition continues, I will keep you informed of our plans and hope that you will join me in celebrating all that we’ve accomplished as our anniversary and my departure approaches.  


As always, please be in touch if you have any questions or thoughts!  


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