Subsidized Housing

Fellowship Housing manages three multi-unit buildings which provide facility-based subsidies in individual and shared units. Funding for these projects has been granted under HUD’s Section 811 program which restricts tenants to people with mental illness who have very low incomes. (See eligibility requirements)  

Rental costs in these projects is based on 30% of one’s income. All utilities are included in the rent amount making these units the most affordable of all of Fellowship Housing’s projects.

The buildings are located in neighborhoods and are convenient to shopping, services and transportation.

Our staff members are engaged with tenants in various landlord/tenant functions such as income verification, rental payments, lease agreements and maintenance requests. As needed, tenants may be eligible to receive Outreach Services from our staff members to assist them in maintaining their skills for living in the community while managing their illness.

Tenants in subsidized housing are:


Fellowship Apartments - Alison Street

Fellowship Apartments - 12 Allison St.

Opened: March 1993  
Total Units: 6  
One Bedroom Units: 2  
Two Bedroom Units: 2  
Three Bedroom Units 2  
Handicap Accessible Units: 1  
Total Bedrooms: 12 Capacity: 12


Fellowship Apartments - Washington Court

Washington Court - 70 Washington St.

Opened: September 1998  
Total Units: 6  
Efficiency Units: 3  
One Bedroom Units: 2  
Three Bedroom Units: 1  
Handicap Accessible Units: 1  
Total Bedrooms: 
8 Capacity: 8

Fellowship Apartments - Fayette Street

Fayette Street Project - 22 Fayette St.

Opened: January 2004  
Total Units: 5  
One Bedroom Units: 3  
Two Bedroom Units: 2  
Handicap Accessible Units: 1  
Total Bedrooms: 7 
Capacity: 7