Time 4 Change Embroidery Moving

After having spent many years right across the street from Fellowship Housing's Administration Building, Mary Hewitt is moving her embroidery shop to a new location in Concord.  Mary has worked with us to put our logo onto all kinds of clothing, and we have loved watching her dogs laze in the storefront window as she is hard at work!  In preperation for her big move, Mary has been cleaning out her stockpiles of extra clothes and has generously donated many of them to Fellowship Housing!  Along with polo shirts, there are workshirts, sweatshirts, jackets, and even winter coats!  We look forward to handing these out to our tenants as the weather gets colder, and we know they will greatly appreicate Mary's generousity, too.  We wish her well with her big move and want her to know that we have enjoyed being her neighbors.    

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